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$75 Perdiem, Paid travel: 30 Helpers and 20 Hole watch Needed for a 60-Day Turnaround in Arkansas.

What Apache Industrial Services is hiring for:

Apache Industrial Services hiring 30 helpers and 20 hole watch  for a 60 day turnaround out of town El Dorado, Arkansas.
Mr. Cali Stretch a representative from Apache Industrial posted on his FB page and conformed that they need 30 helpers and 20 hole watch.

About the positions:

-Jobs location is in El Dorado, Arkansas.
-60 day turnaround
-$16.00hr plus $75.00 Perdiem. 
-Paid travel in and out upon completion of project, must meet a minimum of "75mile" requirement from the job site.
-No twic required  
-Clean shaving 
-FRC clothing is required  
-Must have basic plus in English/ Spanish 

Application Informaion

If interested apply at Apache Industrial Services Hiring Center Monday morning 7am.
(Tell them Mr. Cali Stretch send me)
Address(Google map in the link): 

About Apache:

-Apache Industrial Services, Inc. utilizes proven technologies to meet the needs of the Petrochemical, Industrial, and Energy sectors by providing industrial services that include coatings and linings, forming and shoring, fireproofing, scaffolding, insulation, tank services and abatement.  
-Apache has an impressive client list, conducting business with over 500 customers annually. This list includes many big names in oil and gas and other industries: including BP, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, NRG, Cameron, Goodyear, and more.  
Please note:
All application information you need to apply listed above and it is for Apache Industrial Services, so there is no point in sending us your CV and never submit sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords. Protect your privacy. Thank You.
Best wishes