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$35/hr + $115.00 Per Diem+$400 Travel Pay : 20+ Combo Welders Needed for upcoming work in Wyoming. 7/12's
$75 Perdiem, Paid travel: 30 Helpers and 20 Hole watch Needed for a 60-Day Turnaround in Arkansas.
($32.5-$37/hr), 70-80 hrs/w: Welders, Pipefitters, and Helpers Needed Immediately for Emergency Job in Baytown, TX.
Welders, Fitters, Laborers, Foremen, Operators and Safety Needed for an upcoming Pipeline Project in OR.
Welders, Pipefitters, Boilermakers, and Helpers Needed for January Turnaround at Exxon in Baytown.
Free Housing, Rotational schedule: Frac Operators Needed for Immediate Hire (Interview Monday)-Odessa, TX.
Per diem, Meals and Housing: Welders, Firewatchers, Mechanics and Operators Needed in Louisiana.