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$18/hr & $60 Per Diem: Firewatch/Holewatch Needed ASAP for a one-year Project in Point Comfort, TX.

What JHA Safety is hiring for:

JHA Safety is processing Safety Attendants for a Plant local to Point Comfort, Tx. 
Tina Hollyfield Garza, Personnel Supervisor at JHA Safety posted on FB groups that they are hiring Safety Attendants for a one-year project in Point Comfort, Tx.

About the positions:

-Job location is a Plant local to Point Comfort, Tx.
♦️ Pay Rate: $18 an hour 
♦️ Per Diem: $60 day per diem.
♦️ Length of job is one year and possible longer.
♦️Eligibility requirements for per diem are a utility bill with name on it, address on bill must match address on Drivers License or state issued Identification Card.  
♦️Plant requirements are TWIC card, ability to pass hair follicle.

Application Informaion

♦️If interested, text name and e-mail address to 903-574-9631
-A link to online application will be sent to your e-mail.  This is the only way to apply for the job by text.

About JHA Safety:

-JHA Safety provides certified safety professionals, turnaround and mechanical teams, and equipment leasing to industrial facilities.