Up to $45/hr For Welders and Pipefitters Needed in Ohio. 3-6 Months Job. 60 hrs/week + OT.

What The Armor Group is hiring for:

The Armor Group is hiring Welders and Pipefitters in Mason, OH.
The Armor Group recently posted on on Indeed and their Employment website that they are hiring for temporary positions -potential for full-time employment.

About the positions:

♦️Jobs location is Mason, OH.
Up to $45 Per Hour
♦️Approx 3-6 Months Job.
40-60 hours per week with overtime. Both 1st and 2nd Shifts.
♦️Pre-Employment Skills Testing Required. Armor is a Nicotine/Drug Free Campus.

Application Informaion

♦️Please send your resume to 
♦️Apply online via their Employment website:

The Armor Group:

The Armor Group, Inc. is a corporation whose divisions provide manufactured products and related services. Armor's eight companies offer diverse capabilities serving a variety of industries.