+$40/hr, $90 Perdiem: Dozens of Welders, Fitters, Boilermakers & More Needed ASAP for 3 Projects in LA.

  • Process Service Specialists, LLC posted on their FB page and comfirmed by their Job Coordinator Mrs Kacy Haydel Avrill, they are currently looking to hire Welders, Boilermakers, Pipefitters, Fire watch/Hole watch, Helpers, Laboroers, Equipment Operators, Iron Workers, Forman, QC, Management.
  • Jobs are in Baton Rouge, Geismar and plaquemine, they have one starting Friday but it’s a Disa site hair follicle and then one 10/2 and one mid October.
  • Working 8 to 12 hour shift. Jobs like 3-4 weeks
  • $90 per diem and then fitters $34-37 and welders $34-40 depending on project needs and weld testing requirements. Not sure on helpers or other positions I’d have to ask per project.


*If interested Apply here on their website/ careers section.
*Email Kacy at kavrill@pssllc.us.com
You can contact Mrs Kacy Haydel Avrill on FB.
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