Hiring Fire watch ASAP for a 3-year project in LA. $22/hr_$100 per diem, 250 travel pay.

  • ALLIANCE INDUSTRIAL GROUP hired combo welders pipe fitters, helpers, millwrights, crane operators, and riggers.Fire watch positions added to the project, The rec is still open they hired firewatches and they are still interviewing. 1st round start this week and more next week. Site location (Bell chase) Port Sulphur LA.
  • Pay: $22/hr_$100/day per diem, 250.00 travel pay. 
  • Potential to last 3 YRS 7-12s 13 on 1 off 
  • 1.00 hr. Safety incentive paid weekly & 1.00 hr Quarterly Incentive 
- If you're interested, please contact:
Address: 701 E. Napoleon St Sulphur, LA 70663 
Ph: 1.337.888.4786832-932-9249

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