125 PD Pipe Welders $36/hr & Fitters $34 Fire watches $21 Needed Upcoming Projects.

  • United Group posted on their fb & website/careers section that they are hiring Pipe Welders $36/hr & Fitters $34/hr 125 PD Fire watches $21/hr 125 PD & Fitters helpers $21 $125/hr  6-12 Work Schedule 
  • West Virginia 3 years project & Indiana 1 year project & long term in Ohio
If you’re interested, please contact us today at 855-692-6733 or via email at jobs@united-gs.com. 

United Group Services began as a process piping contractor in 1982. Over the years that followed, we have expanded our offerings to include a full-package of mechanical services that our team provides to clients throughout the United States.