$34-50/hr: Floors, Motors, Derricks, Drillers Needed for ND Rigs: $56 Perdiem+Housing.

What Stoneham Drilling is hiring for:

  • Stoneham Drilling is hiring in the Bakken Right now. 
  • They posted on FB groups hiring Floor hands, Motor hands, and derrickhands.
  • Camp is on location.
  • Floors $34, motors $37.75, derricks $42 per hour and $56 perdium.
  • 20-10 rotation.


Please fill out an application on our website at:

Company Description:

Stoneham Drilling: Western Energy Services Corp. is an oilfield service company which provides contract drilling services through Horizon Drilling in Canada and Stoneham Drilling Corporation in the United States. In addition, Western provides well servicing through Eagle Well Servicing in Canada, and provides rental services through Aero Rental Services in Canada.
Stoneham has employed the latest technology in designing a safe, efficient and highly versatile fleet of drilling rigs.