$50 Perdiem, $32-$49/hr: Floors, Derricks, Motors, Drillers & More Needed for ND, CO, WY, MT Rigs.

What Cyclone Drilling is hiring for:

  • Cyclone Drilling is now hiring in the U.S. they are looking for experienced rig hands for all positions. 
  • Location: Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.
  • $50/day Perdiem.
  • 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
  • Drillers $48.50/hour -Relief Driller $39.00/hour -Derrickhand $37.00/hour -Motorhand $33.00/hour -Floorhand- $32.00/hour.
  • High School Diploma, 6+ months of experience, Safeland USA Training.


Please fill out an application on our website at:

Company Description:

We believe that the hiring and training of good people is critical for the continued success of our company. The foundation of Cyclone Drilling’s success starts with solid leadership that knows how to foster a positive and safe work environment, while providing competitive compensation and benefits. Cyclone Drilling is known for providing superior solutions through teamwork with our industry's leading professionals who complete tasks successfully.